Workflows: Creating New Workflows


This article describes the details associated with workflow creation. For more background information on the workflows feature, please refer to the following article, and for a better understanding of the terminology associated with workflows, please refer to this article.

Workflow Details

  • Workflow Name - A naming convention is recommended based off the producer, frequency, test type or other descriptions.
  • Timing and Frequency - The timing and frequency of the workflow can be previewed in the calendar on the right.
    • Start Date - Can be either today's date or any date in the future.
    • Timezone - Should be specified if sites are spread across multiple timezones.
    • Repeat Every - This specifies the frequency of the workflow and the number of occurrences.
    • Repeat On - This specifies the day(s) of the week on which the workflow will recur.
    • Repeat - This specifies the number of tests that should be conducted. In the example below, 3 different samples must be collected and tested to complete the workflow.
    • Late After - Allows the user to select how many days after the start date a workflow should be marked late.
  • Workflow Type - Can be assigned for field labs or third party labs.
  • Stream - This specifies the streams or locations from which a sample must be collected. Each stream will correspond to a separate task under this workflow. In the case of this example, there will be 2 tasks created.

  • Lab - This specifies the field lab that will be assigned the tasks in this workflow. This applies to both field lab workflows and third party lab workflows since sample collection is required in either case.
  • Test Required - This specifies the tests that must be conducted on the collected samples. 

  • If Off-spec - Allows the user to select whether: 
    • Retest - Automatic creation of a workflow requesting a re-test if the initial test result is off-spec
    • Request 3rd Party Lab Test - A 3rd party lab workflow should be automatically created if the initial test result is off-spec
  • Alert Type - Allows the user to select whether:
    • Late - Email notifications will be sent for late workflows
    • Completed - Email notifications will be sent for completed workflows
    • Missed - Email notifications will be sent for missed workflows