Workflows: General Overview


The purpose of the workflow feature is to coordinate and manage testing activities across streams (sample locations) and field labs. This article provides a general overview of the workflow feature.

Workflow Tasks

The schedule view is intended to display all of a user’s tasks for a given day. Tasks are grouped under the higher level concept of workflows. Tasks denote a stream and the associated tests that should be conducted. Workflows specify the frequency of work (daily, weekly, monthly, etc). Users can toggle between “schedule” view and “monthly” view by selecting the desired display from the top right hand corner of the screen.

The monthly view is intended to provide forward looking visibility into upcoming work by displaying all of the tasks scheduled for a given month.

When there are multiple workflows scheduled on a given day, clicking on “3 more” will prompt a scrollable pop-up that lists all the workflows scheduled for that day. Selecting one of the workflows in that list will bring up the details of the workflow.

Workflow tasks can be found more easily by searching with text, or filtering by site, workflow, stream, test type or status.

Workflow tasks can be exported as PDF or CSV files to support scheduling and operations activities


Manage Workflows

Users can manage recurring sampling tasks through the Manage Workflows feature. 

Click any row to open an existing workflow to view or edit the settings OR click "Add Workflows" to create a new set of recurring tasks.

Fill out all necessary fields for the workflow, such as the timing of the first task, configuration of any recurring tasks, the tests required and locations to take samples from.