Edge Connect


EDGE Connect enables buyers and sellers to securely connect with each other to discover higher arbitrage or higher netback opportunities. 

  • Sellers can receive higher netbacks and exclusive access to buyers outside their network
  • Buyers can source barrels that contribute to higher blend revenue and increased terminal throughput

Find Opportunities and Express Interest

Start by clicking into your opportunities page where all sell-side, buy-side, and intra-company opportunities can be found.

For buy-side opportunities, you can expand the opportunity to see the individual components of the blend. Click “Express Interest” to initiate a deal with that seller; this will notify the counterparty via email that you are interested in their volumes and a working opportunity will appear in the Deals page. If you express interest on an intra-company opportunity, that opportunity will also move to the Deals page. You can also express interest after clicking into the details of the opportunity you are interested in.

For sell-side opportunities, simply click “Express Interest” to initiate a deal with potential buyers; this will notify the counterparty via email that you are interested in selling your volume and a working opportunity will appear in the Current Deals section of page.

View and Manage a Deal

The Deals page allows you to view and manage active deals. Here you can also track your netbacks if you are a seller, successful transactions, volumes purchased, and facility blend profit all within your deal history.

Clicking the chat icon on an opportunity opens up the negotiation window, which serves as a shared workspace between you and the counterparty. Here you can mutually agree on pricing through a live chat or by changing price fields and submitting the price to the other party.

The left side of the negotiation window allows you to input or edit the details of your proposal, including any adjustments to the economics of the deal. Clicking “Apply” updates the deal with any edits you made to your proposal. Clicking “Submit” will share your current proposal with the counterparty. Once submitted, they will have the opportunity to review your proposal, accept it, or submit a counter-proposal for your review. Clicking “Accept” on a counterparty’s proposal will finalize the deal. 

The right side of the page is a chat window, where you can securely discuss specific details of the deal, including title transfer points or what party will manage trucking.

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