Features: Market Data


The market data page allows the user to view accurate pricing data for different crude grades in comparison to WTI.

Grade Selection

The button in the upper left hand corner of the screen allows the user to select which crude grade to view pricing data for. By clicking the button, a dropdown menu appears from which a crude grade can be selected.

Start and End Date

The button in the upper right hand corner allows the user to customize the start and end dates of both graphs. By clicking on the button, a calendar will appear allowing the user to select a specific start and/or end date. The user also has the ability to manually type dates into the boxes once the calendar is open.


The top graph displays pricing data of the selected grade along with WTI over time. The bottom graph displays the difference between the selected grade and WTI pricing over time. By hovering over the dots on the graph, exact x and y values can be viewed.

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