Features: Netback Reports


The netback reports feature automatically provides users with netback reports detailing both seller and buyer netback based on individual sell sites.

Netbacks Page

To access the netbacks page, the user can click on the netbacks tab at the top of the Edge platform. This leads to a centralized list of netback reports pertaining to that specific company. This page displays the netback reports along with the seller name, site, netback and best buyer netback. Similarly to the sites page, the user can choose the pricing period for which they want to view netback reports up to three months out using the tabs at the top of the page.

Individual Netbacks

By clicking on details to the right of each netback in the main netbacks page, the user can view the report for netbacks pertaining to that specific sell site. These reports detail the top buyers ranked by netback price, and a base price comparison.

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