Features: Opportunities


Opportunities within Edge are automatically calculated using quality specification, logistics corrections, pipeline specifications, and location data to find new, viable options for buying and/or selling a user's crude barrels. This feature allows users to see how to optimize their blends and barrels with no calculations required on their part.

Opportunities Page

The opportunities page can be accessed through the opportunities tab at the top of the Edge platform. This page displays all opportunities that pertain to the user's company along with limited additional details. The user has options to filter by sell side, buy side, and intra-company opportunities with the buttons in the top right hand corner. The user can also select which pricing period they want to view opportunities for through the tabs at the top of the page. The user can click the details button in order to view further specific details for each opportunity.

Buy Side Opportunities

The individual page for a buy side opportunity displays further details on that opportunity including arbitrage with calculation details, blend composition and a comparison to specifications, logistical details, pricing graph for the specific grade, and component quality details. Through this page, the user can also utilize the save and optimize features.

Sell Side Opportunities

Individual pages for sell side opportunities display logistics details and volume.

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