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Edge contains all sites that a user has had entered into the platform and allows the user to view the locations and further details attributed to each site.

Sites Page

The sites page can be accessed through the sites tab at the top of the Edge platform. This page allows a user to view all of their sites in a consolidated list format and displays the legal description, market, grade, volume range, date of last update, and whether the site is active, can buy, or can sell. 

Sites page

Individual Sites

By clicking on the details button found to the right of each site on the sites page, users will be taken to the page for that individual site. This page displays all information on the site that can be found on the central sites page in addition to the exact location of the site on a map, and the specific products at that site with logistics corrections and quality measurements.

Blend Butane Toggle

At the top right hand corner of the sites page, there is a toggle labelled 'Blend Butane'. The user can choose to toggle this on or off by clicking on it and in doing so, changes whether or not opportunities for that specific location include or exclude butane in their calculations.

Record of Quality

The record of quality section on each site page displays the quality specifications for each product of a site along with the date and source, if available. By clicking on a linked source to the right of the measurement, the user can view the pdf document from where the quality measurement value was acquired. If the date for a quality measurement is displayed as 1970-01-01, this indicates that either the measurement was estimated by Validere or no date was provided for the measurement.

Editing the Sites Page

At the moment, users don't have the ability to update site information. If any information displayed on the page of a site is incorrect or needs to be updated, please contact your Validere representative or email edge@validere.com.

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