Features: Optimize Button


The optimize button allows users to instantaneously determine what combination of volumes from a predefined list of components will result in the highest potential blend profit. Further, it ensures the calculated blend always remains within pipeline quality specifications. Users can easily and entirely transfer existing blend models into Edge and run them through optimization algorithms and heuristics created by chemistry professionals. Many company blend models either completely lack optimization techniques, or they are created using linear relationships. With the addition of the optimize button in Edge, blend optimization is quickly achievable and ensures accuracy on blended quality components that blend non-linearly.

Using the Optimize Button

The optimize button can be found on both the individual pre-calculated opportunities as well as opportunities based off of blends built within blend builder. The button is located in the top right hand corner of the Arb Details section. By clicking on the optimize button, the user is taken to a page allowing them to edit the spec limits and volumes of the blend. After editing, the user can click the optimize button at the bottom right hand corner of the page. This saves the new optimized blend within the blend builder page and allows the user to view the details of the optimized blend. 

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