Features: Blend Builder


This feature allows users to create a blend model in the Edge portal. The Blend Builder’s goal is to quickly and accurately calculate quality properties and the associated profit from blending two or more components. Users can choose to build blends from scratch by using;

  • Locations they have matched with in the past
  • Producer barrels they are currently matched with
  • Barrels currently being purchased that can be manually onboarded exclusively for the user specific portal

All data and blends remain confidential in the users personal directory of saved blends which can be seamlessly shared between company peers through the Edge application. 

Central Blend Builder Page

To access the main blend builder page, click on the blend builder tab at the top of the Edge platform. This takes the user to the page displaying all saved blends created by a user and anyone else who has an account within the same company. So by saving a blend that has been built, all other Edge users within the same company can also view the blend. This centralized list of blends displays the date created, blend name, location, number of components, price period, status, and the user who created it.

Individual Blend

By clicking on the details button to the right of each blend, the user can access further details for that specific blend. These include arb details, blend composition, logistical details, and component quality details.

Building a Blend

To create a new blend, click on the create blend button at the top right hand corner of the central blend builder page. This opens a popup which allows the user to select a price period, volume, target stream, and add a crude to the blend. Once the crude is added, the user is taken to the page for their blend through which they can continue adding an unlimited number of components. To see the details of the final blend, the user clicks the calculate button and can view further details of the total blend including arbitrage. From this page, the blend can be saved with the button in the top right corner of the Arb Details section labeled 'Save'.

Editing a Blend

Once a blend has been created in the blend builder, pricing and volume data can be edited with immediate insight into how the edits will alter arbitrage. This can be done by clicking the edit button in the top right hand corner of the Arb Details section which will allow the user to manually edit some fields within the chart. Blends can also be further optimized with the optimize button.

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