Resetting the ZTE Modem

How to add an APN on the ZTE MF288

The following instructions are for resetting the APN on a your ZTE modem:
  • Open a browser and navigate to
  • Password: admin
  • LTE -> Settings
  • APN
  • Set mode to manual, click 'Add New
  • Set APN to password provided by Validere (contact 1-844-565-3500)
  • Click set as default

1. On your computer, connect to the ZTE MF288 via Wi-Fi, and then open a web browser.

2. Type http://setup.zte in the address bar, then press Enter on your keyboard.

3. Enter the password (the default is admin), then click Login.

4. Click Settings.

5. Click APN.

6. Click Manual.

7. Click Add New.

8. Enter a profile name.

9. Enter the APN.

10. If required, enter the authentication type.

11. Enter the username.

12. Enter the password.

13. Click Apply.

14. Click Set as default.

15. Your APN profile is now active.