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The purpose of the Balances feature is to help the production accounting team create their own custom 'production book' or a 'paper plant' which summarizes the quality (composition) and quantity (volume) of any stream that was processed in the facility over any period of time. The Balances feature is different from a production book in that it can be customized to include a specific streams and can be done over any period of time (as opposed to the standard accounting calendar month). 

Creating a Balance

A balance can be created by selecting the following attributes:

  • Components 
  • Balance type (gas or liquids)
  • Streams (inlets, outlets and references)

Refer to the following animation for more details:

Viewing a Balance

Once a balance has been created, users can see how the balance changes over time by adjusting the date selector as shown below:

Notice how changing the time period as shown in the comparison between the two screenshots below can change the results of the balance.

March 1st, 2020 to March 16th, 2020:

March 1st, 2020 to March 31st, 2020:

Editing a Balance

In addition to changing the time period of a balance, users can also edit other attributes of a balance to either evaluate the impact of certain changes or further refine the accuracy. In the below example, the components 'deemed butane' 'C4' 'C5' and 'C5+' do not have any quality data and therefore do not affect the balance. The animation below shows how these components will be removed:

Reference Streams

The reference streams are used to calculate the % difference values shown on the balances. The formula is ('outlets' - 'inlets')/'references'. In the case of most balances, it would make most sense for the reference streams to be the same as the inlet streams. However, in certain situations this may not apply such as whenever certain wells have been shut off or diverted.

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