Workflows: Dismissal Feature


There are certain scenarios in which scheduled workflow tasks can not be completed. This could be due to either a change in schedule which has not been reflected in Operations Hub, a late shipment, a change in the product type or otherwise. In these events, field users have the option of 'dismissing' workflow tasks and adding notes to provide context for other stakeholders behind why the task was dismissed.

Adding Notes and Dismissing Tasks

Locate the task as shown below and select the row or click "..." and 'View Detail' to access more information for the workflow task. Click the Notes tab or 'Update Status' to add freeform notes or attach files to give context to the workflow.

Workflow tasks may also be dismissed. It is recommended to add freeform notes or use pre-defined reasons. 

Pre-defined reasons include:

  • No volume received
  • LACT (Lease automatic custody transfer unit) not in service
  • Lab equipment out of service
  • Ad hoc test completed outside of schedule, this instance not required
  • Other 

To view any tasks that have been dismissed, use the filtering options as shown below.