Record of Volume: General Overview


The purpose of the record of volume (RoV) feature is to help the production accounting team account for volume data used in the input and output streams for their gas facility. At the end of every month, the production accounting team must prepare a 'production book' or a 'paper plant' which summarizes the quality (composition), quantity (volume) and value (price) of each of stream that was processed in the facility. The RoV feature allows users to enter detailed volume data on a daily basis for more accurate and detailed accounting, while also giving users the ability to enter adjustment factors on a stream-by-stream basis.

Daily Volumes

To view and edit the daily volumes, find the stream of interest from the list displayed on the RoV page, then select 'View Daily Volume'.

Viewing Volumes and Adding Notes

Users can view volume trends over time and add notes explaining any changes as shown below:

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