Features: Site Map


The site map is the first page the user sees once they've signed on to Edge and it displays all of a user's onboarded sites along with the number and volume of sites being analyzed by the software.

Navigating the Site Map


Individual sites are indicated by small blue circles. Clusters or areas of large concentrations of sites are indicated by larger blue, yellow or pink circles with a number in the centre representing the number of sites in that area. By zooming in on a cluster of sites, the individual sites become visible. To see further details, on an individual site, the user can hover over the site with their mouse and the LSD will appear. Once the LSD is visible the user can then click through to view further details on that specific site.

Moving the Map

To navigate and move the map within the field of view, click and hold the mouse and drag the map while continuing to hold.

Zooming in and Out

There are two ways to zoom on the site map page. In the top left hand corner of the page, there are three buttons. By clicking the plus sign, the map will zoom in on the point at the centre of the screen and by clicking the minus sign, the map will zoom out. Click the buttons multiple times to further magnify or diminish. Centring the mouse over the desired area on which to zoom in or out and then using two fingers on the track pad and dragging away from or towards the screen achieves the same effect.

Navigating Back to the Site Map

Once clicking out of the site map, to regain access, the user can either click on the Validere Edge symbol in the upper left hand corner of the platform or select the dashboard button from the account dropdown menu in the upper right hand corner of the platform.

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