Record of Quality: Manual Entry

Manual Entry


The Manual Entry page is intended to facilitate the entry of compositional analysis in the event that there is a missing sample for a given stream. 

Entering a Manual Sample

Navigate to the Manual Entry page using the panel on the left to bring up the data entry form. The form will require the user to enter labelling data such as:

  • Site
  • Stream
  • Sample Type
  • Source Labe
  • Sample start and end time, and
  • Test Date

There are some additional fields which are optional but may be of interest depending on the situation.

Selecting the Accumulative Component (C6+ or C7+)

Depending on the source lab of a test, the cumulative component can either be C6+ or C7+. Since this can impact the calculation of other properties such as density, users have the ability to select which cumulative component to use as shown below:

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