Release 2.130.0 - 2.140.0

Release 2.130.0 - 2.140.0 02/4/2020

## 2.130.0

  • Add fix decimal to all instrument measurement value 

## 2.131.0

  • Migrate the varchar messages column of alert instances to a text field 

## 2.131.1

  • Fixing an Agilent GC issue on the report modal when a measurement is missing 

## 2.132.0

  • Rescue HTTPoison errors in the slack api client 

## 2.133.0

  • Update calgary office ip in blocked auth0 logger ips 

## 2.134.0 

  • Upgrade terraform version used in CircleCI to 0.12.20 from 0.12.10 
  • Resolving "Login Required" and "401 on logout" authentication issues *
  • Updating package.json to pin `react-sketch` to a custom forked commit instead of branch 
  • Add a catch all handle_info in the Auth0 slack logger to debug unexpected messages in stage 
  • Add ROQ accounting periods schema/entity 
  • Add Volume Conversions 
  • Setting up Sentry CLI to be used with CircleCI for releases 

## 2.135.0

  • Correctly calculate volume with PCT values as actual PCTs,not decimals 

## 2.136.0

  • Fix Sidepanel to allow for scrolling
  • Return real sample date in RoQ chart API
  • Fix RoQ Table sorting for stream, GEV, and product
  • Align Sample Chart Data to start of month
  • Rename total volume column to gev
  • Fix Volume Chart labels to use given units
  • Fix Hexanes Plus key in RoQ table
  • Remove % from RoQ Table headers
  • Fix RoQ Sample Chart legend placement on IE11 
  • Add better rounded Y axis ticks in RoQ Charts
  • Fix unhandled undefined value in lab result select 
  • Run seeds after starting the endpoint to ensure application health checks pass 
  • Fix RoqSidePanel title 
  • Manually set max_cases when running elixir tests in CircleCI
  • Add management interface to add site systems
  • Add site systems table
  • Allow for single file uploads for POST /api/accounting_periods 
  • Add RoQ SidePanel transition handling 
  • Update RoQ accounting periods to use site systems instead of sites 

## 2.137.0

  • Correct erroneous 2.137.0 release version 

## 2.138.0

  • Update the RoQ quality chart API include non-roq associated samples 

## 2.139.0

  • Add Volume measurement to RoQ seed samples 

## 2.140.0

  • Update RoQ table column name
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