Instruments: Calibrations and Validations


The purpose of the calibration feature is to manage the calibration of instruments in Validere 360. 

Instrument Statuses

Instruments can have two separate statuses: standard and calibration check statuses. 

Standard Checks: Updated when operators perform a ‘Validation’ test on an analyzer

Calibration Checks: Operators with certain privileges can update the calibration status for an instrument via Validere 360 as described below. 

Updating Calibration Statuses

The calibration status of a lab device can be found at the top of the 'Summary' tab. To update the calibration status of a device, navigate to the 'Calibrations' tab and then click on the edit button corresponding to the device you would like to update. Enter the date of the most recent calibration that was performed on this device in the 'Last Checked' field. The 'Next Calibration' date will update automatically based on predetermined intervals.