Workflows: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which users will receive workflow alerts?
    • All users associated with the site will receive daily workflow digests.
  • What is the reference time for workflows and tasks?
    • All tasks are based off midnight (00h:00m:00s) local time.
  • Can a missed task still be completed?
    • No. Once a task is missed, it cannot be completed.
  • Does a one-time workflow still have a “Missed Date” (even though there is no future recurrence)?
    • Yes. A one-time workflow will still be marked missed based off the frequency that was used to create it (refer to screenshot below).
    • The Wednesday sample will be marked late on Friday (2022-02-18)
    • The Wednesday sample will be marked missed next Wednesday (2022-02-23)

  • Can a user specify a “Late after” date that is greater than the “Missed date”?

Yes, the user should be aware that this can happen. In the screenshot below, the 'Late After' period is 8 days which is greater than the missed date of 2022-02-23. This means the Wednesday sample will be missed before it is marked late. The preview calendar on the righthand of the screenshot below also informs the user of this.

  • What happens when “Start Date”, “Repeat Every” or the “Repeat On” are edited?
    • When the “Start Date”, “Repeat Every” or the “Repeat On” fields are edited, all current tasks (pending or late) will be cancelled. The new tasks will NOT reappear until the start of the next scheduled date.
    • If new values are entered for “Start Date”, “Repeat Every” or the “Repeat On” fields, and then re-edited to the original values. The original tasks that were included in the workflow as pending or late will no longer be there. They will reappear on the next frequency date specified by the user. In other words, there is no back-filling of tasks by the edit feature.
  • Can samples be assigned for testing at multiple labs?
    • Yes. Tasks can be assigned to multiple field labs, and will be marked completed (at both locations) by whichever lab has completed the work first.