Chain of Custody: New Samples

New Samples


The purpose of the CoC feature is create a custody form that will accompany physical samples for third party, off-site testing. This article explains how to create new samples and include them on a CoC. 

Creating a CoC

Click the 'Generate CoC Form' button located at the top right of the screen. Give the CoC form a name that is consistent with a convention for ease of tracking and future reference. Select a site, and then click on 'Add New Samples'. A pop-up will appear allowing you to select sample type, whether the sample is scheduled (associated with a workflow) and the sample timing. Once the sample details have been entered, click on 'Create Sample'.

The sample that has just been created will now appear in the list of samples available for selection on the CoC form. Select the sample, and then click on 'Generate CoC Form'.

A stylized form will appear with a Validere ID. The form contains the samples that were selected with their associated details (product, LSD, sample times) pre-populated. Fields that are empty on the form can be edited. Once all the information has been filled, the form can be downloaded and printed or sent via an email attachment.

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