Lab Results: General Overview


The Lab Results panel allows to see and export an aggregated view for all properties for all samples in Validere 360. This is used to compare quality values from all available sources in Validere 360 for a sample point. 

Stream Filtering

The samples in the Lab Results page can be filtered by stream either using the dropdown menu or the search bar.

Column Property Setting

The columns in the Lab Results page can also be set by property types either using the dropdown menu or the search bar.

Off-Spec Results

The "Off-Spec Results Only" check box in the top right can filter for samples that have at least 1 measurement outside the measurement thresholds.

A pre-filled violation letter can be downloaded for any off-spec sample. The violation letter will include company information, contact information based on the user generating the violation letter, a description of the off-spec measurements and comparison with the appropriate standard. 

NOTE: Violation letters are best viewed in Microsoft Word and Google Docs. For support with other document editors, please contact