Instruments: CTR Operating Instructions

CTR Operating Instructions


The operation of the Centrifuge Tube Reader (CTR) and its associated software involves manipulation of the CTR device and can also involve taking a sample (composite or spot). Once a sample has been taken, it is tracked by the software system. This allows Validere to track and associate tests with physical samples.

Loading centrifuge tubes

1. Sample in hand, proceed to the Centrifuge Tube Reader (CTR).

2. Open the sample chamber by rotating the assembly using the provided handles at the top of the device.

3. Place two centrifuge tubes into the provided holder with the tick marks facing the user

4. Close the chamber by rotating the assembly using the provided handles. Continue rotating until the sample chamber assembly is completely closed.

Centrifuge Tube Reader (CTR) Application

1. Select your name from the user list. If you do not see your name, scroll down to the bottom of the list and select 'Other'.

2. Press ‘Test’ to proceed with testing

3. Enter all relevant sample information. Use the generated ‘shortcode’ from the Validere Sample. If not using the Validere Sample application, any sample ID can be entered here for test identification later. Press ‘Proceed’ when finalized.

4. After confirming that (1) at least one centrifuge tube is loaded, (2) a correct number of tubes are loaded and (3) tubes are correctly orientated with the tick marks visible. Press ‘Take Images’  after confirmation to complete the test.