Insight are used to deliver configurable dashboards that visualize your data within Validere. These dashboards are configured by your Validere account team and can be customized based on your feedback and trends you would like to analyze.

This guide will walk you through the basics of how to access and use these insight dashboards

Accessing a Dashboard

Each card in the insights page is a dashboard that has been configured by your Validere Account Team. To view the contents of the dashboard click on the card to open.

Dashboard Visualization Types

The dashbord supports many chart types to support the analysis you wish to conduct such as Bar Charts, Line Charts, Pie Charts, Heat Maps, Mapping Visualizations, Pivot Tables and more. To request an additional chart to be added to your dashboard, contact your Validere Account Team.

Filtering a Dashboard

To filter your dashboard visualization use the set of filters along the top of the dashboard. After clicking on the filter you will have a dropdown of the available options. You can search or select the specific values by using the checkbox. After clicking out of the box or hitting enter the dashboard will be updated with that filtered applied. You can filter your dashboard using any attribute from your Asset Inventory list from facilities or equipment. To request additional filters, contact your Validere Account Team.

Exporting a Dashboard

Each table in a dashboard can be export as an excel or CSV file. To export a table hover over the panel and navigate to the top right and click on the three vertical dots. Click on export to excel. Note: charts can only be exported to CSV while tables can be exported as either CSV or excel.