Step 2: Upload Non-Routine Events

Non-routine events are uploaded to Carbon Hub using the Forms feature. Please follow the below steps to upload a non-routine event through the front-end: 

  1. Navigate to the Categories page under the Forms tab in the Navigation bar.

  1. Select the Non-Routine Events form category.

  1. Select which Non-Routine Events form to fill out:
    1. Non-Routine Release - Rate
    2. Non-Routine Release - Volume

  1. Once you click into a specific form, select the Create Submission button in the top right corner. 

  1. Fill out the Event Overview and Measurements section in the form. The Additional Information section has optional fields that can be filled out (‘Comments’, ‘Complaints’, and ‘Responses’) to provide additional context about the non-routine event.

  1. Click on the Submit button on the bottom right corner to submit the form and log the non-routine event.

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