This document summarizes how to upload, modify, and review data in Carbon Hub  to complete the month-end volumetric and emissions quantification process. The following items must be completed on a monthly basis:

  1. Review assets within the Organization tab, and make required updates
  2. Upload non-routine events
  3. Upload monthly variable data (meter readings, operating hours, equipment load factors, etc.)
  4. Run theoretical volumetric calculations using estimation methods
  5. Prorate networks
  6. Run emissions calculations using estimation methods
  7. Pull custom reports

General training material on Carbon Hub is also uploaded to the Validere Knowledge Base. Useful training guides on this site include:

Key Carbon Hub Terminology



Estimation Method

Industry-accepted calculation methods, or formulas, used to estimate  theoretical volumes (e.g. fuel, flare, vent, recycled/recompressed) or mass (e.g. GHG or air pollutant). Estimation methods on flows typically calculate theoretical volumes, while those on equipment typically calculate emissions.


A data entry method that enables users to add measurements while also capturing and storing associated Metadata (e.g. measurement date, facility, equipment, file uploads, etc).


Approved inputs to estimation methods. These can either be directly entered or require promotion from a measurement. Examples of records include fuel gas metered volumes, flare gas metered volumes, equipment operating hours, load factors, etc.