Asset Records


Carbon Hub enables users to leverage measurement data in their volumetric and emissions calculations through a concept of records. Measurements can be captured from field devices such as SCADA or Field Meters, or manually submitted through forms such as gas analysis and vent rates. These measurements can then be used in estimation methods for quantification. The problem is if you have many measurements in a period, what measurement or combination of measurements should be used for quantification. Records allow you to determine the value you want to use to represent the measurement type on an asset for a month through record configuration. 

View all asset records

Given a measurement can be on a facility, equipment or flow, records are associated  to those three asset types. For example, the operating hours of a facility, load factor of an engine, or gas analysis of a flow. To view records, navigate to the record list for an Asset Type. This page will show all record values for a date range, reporting scenario, and asset type. You can further filter  by facility name or custom attribute values to find the details you are looking for. 

  1. Click on Facilities, Equipment, or Flows under the Organization tab.
  2. Click on the Records tab at the top of the page.
  3. Use the date picker to preview the records from that date range.

View records for one asset

  1. Click on Facilities, Equipment, or Flows under the Organization tab to view the details.
  2. Click on the Records Tab at the top of on the page.
  3. Use the date picker to modify date range and select the reporting group.
  4. Click on a month to view Record Details.