The Facilities section is the highest entity in the organizational hierarchy, serving as a central location to manage and monitor all facilities related to an organization's operations. Associating equipment and devices to each facility simplifies emissions calculation for reporting and analyses.

The custom attributes feature enables the definition of specific characteristics of each facility based on the customer's unique requirements.

How to create a facility

  1. Go to the Facilities under Organization in the Navigation bar.
  2. Click on the Create Facility button in the top right corner. 
  3. Populate the required fields and any additional custom attributes necessary for your reporting and analysis. ** The Validere team will assist you in creating custom attributes during the onboarding process. To modify, delete, or create additional custom attributes, please contact Validere support at support@validere.com.
  4. Save by clicking on Create Facility in the bottom right corner. 

How to edit a facility

  1. Go to the Facilities under Organization in the Navigation bar. 
  2. Select the facility.
  3. Update the fields, and click “Save”. 

How to delete a facility

  1. Find your facility on the Facilities page under Organization in the Navigation bar. 
  2. To delete, you can either:
    1. Hover your cursor over the last column and click the trash can icon.

    2. Click on the facility name, which will take you to the details page. Then, select Delete in the top right corner.

  1. A window will pop-up to confirm that you want to delete this facility. Once confirmed, click Delete. ** Please note: once a facility is deleted, it can not be restored. 

View facility change log

The Facility Change Log tracks modifications and updates made to facility records. This functionality allows all users to access and review any changes made, improving auditability of your data and transparency amongst team members.  

  1. Navigate to the Facilities page under the Organization section in the Navigation bar.
  2. Select the facility.
  3. Click on the Change Log tab to see all the updates made to the facility. You will see what was updated, by who, and when. You can also filter the change type (Delete, Update, and Create) by clicking the "Filters" button on the right and applying filters.

These steps allow you to track any modifications or updates made to the facility.