Stream Alerts


This article provides an overview of the stream alerts feature, which allows users to set alert limits on streams to trigger warnings and email notifications.

Alert Types

Alerts are created when measurements meet or don't meet certain conditions. 
  • Limit Alerts: When a measurement from a Field Instrument or 3rd Party Lab is above an upper limit, or below a lower limit
  • Inline Alerts: Similar to Limit Alerts, but specific to Inline Instruments
  • Statistical Alerts: When a measurement is outside the standard deviation of recent samples
  • Balance Alerts: When a measurement will impact production accounting calculations, as compared with previous accounting months

Alerts Use Cases

Once alerts are created, they appear in a variety of ways across Validere.

  • Test Details: Alerted measurements are shown in red, and have a separate section in test details to review and investigate if necessary.
  • Workflows: If a scheduled sample is taken and the tests are flagged as off-spec, Workflows can be configured to automatically reschedule another sample for re-testing. 
  • Off-Spec Emails: Alerted measurements can trigger a email notifications if enabled, to ensure teams and respond immediately. These emails can be real-time or set to a weekly digest

Configuring Alerts

  1. Go to Settings > Company > Stream Alerts 
  2. Filter the streams by stream name or product type 
  3. Select the stream(s)
    1. For configuring alerts on 1 stream, select a stream by clicking the row
    2. For configuring alerts on multiple streams, select streams by clicking the check boxes, and click "Add Stream Alerts"
  4. Select the measurement type to edit
  5. Fill out the form to configure alerts 
  6. Repeat as necessary
    1. Select another measurement type at the top of the form; or
    2. Navigate back to Stream Alerts and reselect streams