Instruments: Centrifuge Tube Reader Web Application


This article provides a general overview of the field lab feature for viewing CTR test results.

Viewing CTR Test Results

Narrow down your search by using the filter function to locate the CTR. Clicking on the CTR device will take you to the summary page where calibration information, instrument details and a summary of all instrument tests can be viewed.

Clicking ‘Samples’ from the instrument panel will show a list of all samples (tests) analyzed via this instrument. Specification limits (i.e. what value determines if the measurement bars are red/green and triggers an ‘Alert’) can be specified in the ‘Stream Alerts’ page.

Clicking the ‘Reports’ icon for a given test row will bring up a pop-up window of that particular result along with an image of the sample that was used to determine the test result. In addition, details highlighting sample and test information (e.g. when it was sampled, when the test analysis was ran, what the test values were) are available. Hovering over the image with your mouse allows you to zoom and visually inspect the sample. A PDF copy of the report can also be downloaded to share with other stakeholders.