Release Notes

June 2022

  • New Feature: Added a new dashboard for forecasting business scenarios and impacts to operations and emissions
  • Enhancement: We have updated the Samples and Tests pages with new uniform formatting to enable upcoming functionality improvements 
  • Enhancement: Measurements from inline analyzers can now be paired with a measuring temperature to enable conversions to standard conditions (ex. viscosity)

May 2022

  • New Feature: Added interactive dashboard to the Validere library
    • Carbon Intensity Summary
  • Enhancement: Improved VAs to exclude tests and samples based on their status 
  • Enhancement: Added support for stream activity types (shrinkage, difference) used in 3rd party integrations
  • Enhancement: Added support for regulatory facility codes in 3rd party integrations for reconciling with other data sources

April 2022

  • New Feature: Added interactive dashboards to the Validere library
    • BS&W Summary
    • Workflows Summary
    • Upstream Production Forecasting
    • Blending Summary (Cumulative & Real-Time)
    • Balancing Summary
    • Methane Emissions Summary
    • Emissions Estimates & Forecasting
  • New Feature: Added alert digests to summarize off-spec & invalid samples in a weekly email, as an alternative to real-time emails
  • Enhancement: Updated the Instruments page to allow users to edit instrument names & serial numbers. This applies to field instruments, and not inline instruments.
  • Enhancement: Updated the Instruments page to allow users to edit instrument names & serial numbers
  • Enhancement: Improved y-axis formatting for charts on the Analyze page
  • Enhancement: Added Sample App as another source for notes in the Samples page and Tests page

March 2022

  • New Feature: Added interactive dashboards to the Validere library
    • Emissions Benchmarking - Canada, Alberta: Use public data to estimate production and emissions for producers and facilities
    • Emissions Benchmarking - US: Use public data to estimate production and emissions for producers and basin
  • Enhancement: Updated Hexanes Spec (C6*) in Sample Export PDFs
  • Enhancement: Updated Workflows feature to allow the "required tests" to be empty (this supports custom tests that aren't in the existing list) 

February 2022

  • New Feature: Added new Interactive Dashboards, accessible through the side navigation. Contact us to learn how to leverage this capability.
  • New Feature: Added default sample selections for quality records
  • Enhancement: Added streams API and sites API and updated documentation.
  • Enhancement: Added created_after and updated_after parameters to lab_results
  • Enhancement: Improved several areas within Workflows
    • Updated task statuses by adding "Sampled" and "Dismissed", and removing "Late"
    • Added "Start Date" to Workflow PDF exports
    • Updated Workflow CSV export headers with consistent naming  
  • Enhancement: Improved how alerts such as off-spec are shown in Tests and Samples 
  • Enhancement: Improved support for 3rd party labs (Cenovus Labs, Valor Labs, Bureau Veritas)
  • Enhancement: Added new measurement types (COS, H2S in Liquid, H2S in Vapor)
  • Enhancement: Updated records to show measured volume in original units, with the appropriate conversion to gas equivalent volume (GEV) or liquid equivalent volume (LEV)

January 2022

  • New Feature: Added automatic GEF calculation using Directive 17, when required composition measurements are available.
  • Enhancement: Updated side navigation to regroup pages into Data Management, Measurements and Records
  • Enhancement: Updated links inside off-spec emails to direct to the relevant test for immediate context
  • Enhancement: Updated forms across the application, from settings to test assignment to balances.
  • Enhancement: Extended test assignment feature to new use cases, available for admin roles

December 2021

  • Enhancement: Updated design and layouts for forms across the Hub
  • Enhancement: Updated account creation email flow and design
  • Enhancement: Updated the datetime format of the Lab Results CSV to improve usability in 3rd party tools such as Excel
  • Enhancement: Added downsampling to Analyze time series charts to improve loading experience

November 2021

  • New Feature: Introduced an improved login experience to access all subscribed Hubs from a single user account 
  • New Feature: Added support for new instrument ISL VIDA 40 densitometer
  • Enhancement: Updated design and layouts for forms across the Hub
  • Enhancement: Updated typography and text across the application

October 2021

  • Enhancement: Updated visual design of date/time inputs.
  • Enhancement: Updated the design and behaviour of buttons while hovering.
  • Enhancement: Updated the Lab Results page to show the standard test detail modal when clicking measurements.
  • Enhancement: Updated visual design of the left side navigation pane, and buttons across the application.
  • Enhancement: Added 'Sample Type' as a new field to chain of custody forms.
  • Enhancement: Update all mole and volume components to show precision of 4 decimals.
  • Enhancement: Added support for new instrument DMA 35.
  • Enhancement: Extended URL deep linking to support viewing test detail modals on the Test page. 

September 2021

  • Enhancement: Added date filters to Sample Page (start, end and several useful defaults).
  • Enhancement: Added 2 new fields to lab_results API (from, until).
  • Enhancement: Standardized test detail modals design and information across the application.
  • Enhancement: Improved off-spec emails for consistency when sent to multiple users.
  • Enhancement: Updated table layouts for the Import page.
  • Enhancement: Improved the selection of Validere email notification settings

August 2021

  • New Feature: Added measurements for tests (field, and 3rd party lab)
  • New Feature: Added support for instrument V20S.
  • New Feature: Added support for instrument Mettler Toledo T5
  • Enhancement: Updated the visual design of the sign-in page (positioning, border, background).
  • Enhancement: Updated table layouts in the Manage Workflows page.
  • Enhancement: Added the original 3rd party lab report as a downloadable file in the test detail modal.
  • Enhancement: Updated Record of Quality sample selection logic based on sample validation status.
  • Enhancement: Updated decimal notation, accounting period date, column header text in recombined reports.
  • Enhancement: Changed measurements in hydrocarbon analysis exports (mole, mass and volume percentage is now a fraction of 1).

July 2021

  • New Feature: Added measurements for inline instruments manually.
  • New Feature: Duplicate existing chains of custody.
  • New Feature: Added public API for Measurements (lab_results)
  • Enhancement: Updated the view order of component measurements.
  • Enhancement: Improved the layout and design of the Insights page.
  • Enhancement: Added volume fraction for each component on a stream to Recombined Report exports.
  • Enhancement: Upgraded parser for instrument SVM 3001.

June 2021

  • New Feature: Add test details to a modal popup that is viewable from Tests, Samples, Instruments
  • Enhancement: Added sample details to the Analyze page
  • Enhancement: Added instrument model filters to the Instrument List page  
  • Enhancement: Updated site sorting in notification settings
  • Enhancement: Upgraded firmware for Centrifuge Tube Reader
  • Enhancement: Updated behaviour for tanks with 0 volume

May 2021

  • Enhancement: Standardized time formatting across the application
  • Enhancement: Updated test methods in violation letters, and made violation letters accessible from tests
  • Enhancement: Add inline measurements to existing CSV export on Analyze page 
  • Enhancement: Add deep linking navigation to Samples page
  • Enhancement: Add working inventory to tanks

April 30, 2021

  • New Feature: Added notes for individual samples 
  • New Feature: Added functionality to update sample validation status and applicable period
  • New Feature: Added automatic sample validation status based on configured thresholds
  • New Feature: Added new Samples page 
  • New Feature: Added validation status to samples 
  • Enhancement: Update balance form to include inventories
  • Enhancement: Added new measurement for N2O

March 2021

  • New Feature: Added configuration for effectivity duration of standard and calibration checks
  • Enhancement: Updated alerting behaviour for Inventory accounting records
  • Enhancement: Enabled reference temperature configuration
  • Enhancement: Add support for instrument SVM 3000
  • Enhancement: Add opening and closing types to inventories
  • Enhancement: Updated volume weighted calculations to density and molar mass

February 2021

  • New Feature: Added volume chart to Inventories page
  • New Feature: Added new Inventories page to track volume and quality measurements of tanks
  • New Feature: Added inventories as a new type of volume record
  • Enhancement: Updated date/time selection in the application
  • Enhancement: Added effective date to inventory qualities
  • Enhancement: Added support for measurements for dry vapour pressure equivalent
  • Enhancement: Added new product types

January 2021

  • New Feature: Added test assignment to samples
  • New Feature: Added support for instrument DMA 4500
  • Enhancement: Added support for measurements for C1, C2 and C3 Mercaptans.
  • Enhancement: Improvements to performance of the time series analytics chart within inline instruments.
  • Enhancement: Updated recombined records reports to include additional components and calculated fields
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