Chain of Custody: Duplicating Samples and CoCs


The purpose of the CoC feature is create a custody form that will accompany physical samples for third party, off-site testing. This article explains how to duplicate CoCs when the majority of fields are repeated in an existing CoC.

Duplicating CoCs

Click the "..." on the right to edit or duplicate a CoC.Most of the necessary fields will be pre-populated based on the CoC that is duplicated. 

  • The default name will share the original CoC name with '(copy)' appended to the end. This CoC name can be edited.
  • The samples will be duplicated from the original CoC as new samples. The new sample date will need to be provided. New or existing samples can also be added to this list within the CoC.

A stylized form will appear with a Validere ID. The form contains the samples that were selected with their associated details (product, LSD, sample times) pre-populated. Fields that are empty on the form can be edited. Once all the information has been filled, the form can be downloaded and printed or sent via an email attachment.