Guide: API Tokens


The purpose of the API Tokens tab is to give users an ability to generate tokens to make programmatic API (application programming interface) calls to Validere Operations Hub. This article covers where to access, generate and delete API Tokens.

Accessing API Tokens

Any existing Validere user can access API Tokens. On the left-hand navigation pane, click Settings > Account, and click the API Tokens tab to access the API settings. The page shows a list of existing API tokens previously generated, and also provides an ability to create an API Token.

Creating API Tokens 

Clicking "Create API Token" will present a prompt to optionally name the API Token and submit. Once the API Token is created, a window will appear showing the API Token Name, the API Token ID, and Secret API Token (which is hidden by default). This window will only appear once, so it is important to copy Secret API Token and store securely. 

Deleting API Tokens 

Existing tokens can be viewed in the API Token List. Any token can be deleted by clicking the "..." button and confirming deletion.